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Questions to Ask an Interior Designer

An interior designer is responsible for the interior design, d├ęcor, and function of a client’s space whether that space is commercial, industrial, or residential. It is important to make sure that your interior designer has budgeting skills, communicates well, and can oversee the ordering, installation, and cohesive design of your living space. However, in order... Read More »

Interview Questions to Ask an Interior Designer

Here are four great interview questions to ask an Interior Designer: 1) Tell me about your background and qualifications. The interior designer should be ready to share his or her educational credentials, business experience, professional affiliations, highlighting any area hotels or communities in which he or she is well-known. 2) How long will it take... Read More »

How Much Does an Interior Designer Cost?

How much does an interior designer cost? The answer is not that simple. Some interior designers charge by the hour, some charge a flat rate and other charge on a precentage fee. According to the government Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for interior designers is predicted to grow by 19% between the years of 2008... Read More »

Hiring an Interior Designer

How to Hire an Interior Designer: A good Interior designer will be able to create an indoor space that will look great and offer a comfortable and functional living space that will also reflect your personal style. The design that emerges will reflect the intended purpose of the room and will thrill you every time... Read More »

Difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

The first thing to know before you set out to find the right interior designer is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator. Interior decorators are educated in the art of working with most any existing interior space and they know how to accommodate the client’s taste to develop a coordinated overall... Read More »